Volley Clean Tequila Seltzer Launches Brand-new Packaging

Volley Clean Tequila Seltzer Launches Brand-new Packaging

Your own cocktail should last. That’s the reason why Volley, the award-winning tequila seltzer made out of merely three thoroughly clean formulation (100% bluish agave tequila, sparkling water, and organic juices) revealed the rollout of a packing innovation featuring a foil topper. Finally, a difficult seltzer which both clean internally and clean on the outside!


“We going Volley because we weren’t witnessing whatever you were looking for inside the RTD market and believed the requirement to build a brand around element transparency,” mentioned Co-Founder Christopher Wirth. “The fact that the TTB doesn’t need element labeling or health knowledge just like the Food And Drug Administration do, shocked all of us. All of our presentation invention was awesome exciting for all of us as a result of a few things. 1st, they illustrates the fact that you will do need to flip the may since there is actual, organic juice (never ever from direct) in there. Genuine liquid settles, flip the may! Subsequently, it allows the customers to own assurance that the do they really tend to be getting her throat on is without having bacterium or germs basically especially important during a period of time of enhanced questions. Research shows unsettling quantities of bacterium get onto cans through offer sequence on the strategy to people’ lips. We’re on a mission to construct the cleanest goods possible referring to one step for people along side trip.”


Imagine the world’s well tequila seltzer. Today imagine they in a can.

Whether appreciating a chilled Volley from the can or in the stones, flipping the might before offering activates the real, organic fruit juice with which has settled at the bottom. Devamını Oku