Effortless Credit.The Pakistan Standard Chartered Effortless Credit combines the energy of credit cards with all the capability of a Cheque guide

Effortless Credit.The Pakistan Standard Chartered Effortless Credit combines the energy of credit cards with all the capability of a Cheque guide

effortless Credit gives you the cheapest charge that is financial use of Standard Chartered services around the world.


Simple Credit is a revolving center that provides you the capability of money as much as your money advance limitation to satisfy your urgent economic requirements. Effortless Credit facility gives you a cheque guide, therefore you pays anybody through cheques.

Unique Features

Cheapest Mark-up speed

Obtain the benefit of a highly competitive APR (Annualized portion price)

* Promotional Rate of 21per cent does apply till 31 st 2020 january

Financial fees are levied in the quantity through the deal date and certainly will use regarding the payment date.

Advance Loan

Any more with your Standard Chartered Credit Card you do not need to carry cash. You are able to withdraw money as much as 90per cent of the cash loan limitation in your Standard Chartered Simple Credit bank card at ATMs and banking institutions Visa that is displaying and logo design.

Cheque Book Efficiency

With Simple Credit you get a simple Credit cheque guide. You’ll issue Simple Credit cheques in Pakistan to your friends and relations or even to anybody you please absolutely.

ATM Efficiency

Your Easy Credit additionally will act as an ATM Card. Withdraw cash up to your hard earned money advance restriction at ATMs all over the world.

Balance Transfer Center

Move your other Credit Cards’ outstanding balances to your effortless Credit Account at extremely rates that are competitive.

Aasan Instalment

Aasan Instalment permits you to avail instalment plans on the bank card and pay off in equal month-to-month instalments.

With Aasan Instalment:
  • Buy your products that are favourite 0% APR from our catalogue
  • Transform your credit card stability into an instalment plan with simplicity
  • Utilise your credit that is available limit the type of money and pay it off in instalments *

Avail Aasan Instalment by calling 111-002-002 and putting your order.

* Susceptible To Bank Policies

Chip Card Tech

At Standard Chartered Bank, we’re constantly searching for ways to enhance overall banking experience also to offer you a protected apparatus to conduct charge card transactions. A Chip Card adds an extra layer of advanced fraudulence security through an embedded microchip that turns card user information into a unique rule whenever used at a chip-enabled terminal that is hard to bad credit loans in Texas duplicate or copy.

Global Acceptability

Your Standard Chartered bank card can be utilized at a lot more than 50,000 establishments in Pakistan and millions of locations global. This provides you the convenience, recognition and safety anywhere you will be. All your billings will be in Pak Rupees with the Standard Chartered Credit Card, you can pay for shopping, meals, travel, entertainment; virtually anything that money can buy, Whether you spend in dollars or in any other currency

Supplementary Cards

Offer your liked ones Easy Credit and share countless features of Simple Credit with them. Supplementary Simple Credit user get a Supplementary effortless Credit cheque guide too. Avail as much as 5 Easy Credit Cards through the use of on our site sc.com/pk or visiting your branch that is nearest.

Mark-up Calculation

Mark-up on the Easy Credit should be levied in the quantity used through the deal date

Financial charges = Amount utilized x APR x amount of days quantity is used 365 times

Travel Accident Cover

As an traveller that is international you might be immediately covered for travel accidents as much as 4 million Rupees, if you get your solution through Simple Credit.

Zero Loss Obligation

Effortless Credit covers you for many charges that are fraudulent on your own Effortless Credit Account. All you need to do is report the situation to us instantly on 111-002-002 and afterwards you may be secured against theft and loss.

Foreign Transactions
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