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This can affect which services appear on our site and where we rank them. Our affiliate compensation allows us to maintain an ad-free website and provide a free service to our readers. At, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don’t guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services. It’s a good idea to take a new look at your business internet options any time your business expands, your budget changes, or you’re nearing the end of a contract with a current ISP. You could benefit from changing to a new plan, but be careful—there are some potential downsides of switching providers. If your business relies on constant, complex online computing, you’re going to need seriously fast speeds.

Optimum’s business internet plans are similar to Spectrum’s in speed and pricing—in fact, they offer speeds up to 500 Mbps, just higher than Spectrum. Right now, we recommend Spectrum over Optimum as a cable provider because of availability. Optimum is only available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, while Spectrum is available in 46 states. That means that during peak times, you could experience lagging speeds as your neighbors drink from the same well of internet juice.

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The same connections that have been enabling people to flip from ESPN to Food Network for years can provide broadband to your small business. Widely available cable broadband internet traditionally comes through coaxial cables. But according to the FCC, DSL speeds often don’t reach what ISPs advertise.2 The availability of DSL broadband is high thanks to the widespread installation of required lines. However, your ability to get DSL internet may depend on how close your office is to a phone line facility. Digital Subscriber Line is a type of fixed wireline broadband internet that travels along existing copper telephone lines. In the late 1990s, DSL became one of the first widely available broadband connections after the dial-up access age.

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In 1997, after abandoning the interactive multimedia format, the MSN service was again refocused, this time as a more traditional Internet access service. Both websites were available to all Internet users and still exist today, although they are no longer owned by Microsoft. Also integrated into MSN 2.0 shortly after its launch was Microsoft’s popular Internet Gaming Zone, which later became MSN Games. Following the release of MSN 2.0 in 1996, Microsoft renamed its Youtube original proprietary online service ‘MSN Classic’. Microsoft eventually shut down any remaining access to the MSN Classic service in 1998. Our mission is to help consumers make informed purchase decisions. While we strive to keep our reviews as unbiased as possible, we do receive affiliate compensation through some of our links.

On this page, we cover all the major types of internet connections and compare them in one-on-one matches so you can find the right connection to boost your business. Broadband is an umbrella term that refers to just about any type of residential or business internet that is faster than dusty, old dial-up connections. Broadband connections are typically “wireline,” which means you get connected to your high-speed Internet Service Provider through a complex chain of cables. But there’s also wireless broadband, most notably in the form of satellite internet that is broadcast from stations orbiting the planet.

But if you just need to do some day-to-day browsing and downloading, you can probably get away with lower speeds. Internet access for many businesses is limited to only one or two kinds of internet—which is unfortunate but makes the decision easier. Find out which internet plans are available in your area to begin your search. Satellites can’t beam internet to your business nearly as fast as cable ISPs can.Round one goes to cable. Only some businesses can access fiber internet, while nearly any office can connect to a satellite ISP.Round four goes to satellite.

Fiber is only available to a fraction of customers—so far. But fiber internet access is growing.Round four goes to DSL. If you need to entertain your customers or guests with in-office TV, look into internet bundles. ISPs let you save a bit of cash on their plans when you package multiple services together.

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Transform your business with a free assessment, and get a tailored recommendation for services that will drive better results. Plus, Viasat—one of just two satellite internet options across the country and by far the best provider—is working on bringing satellite up to speed. For businesses in rural or remote areas without access to landline internet like DSL, cable, or fiber, satellite technology is a lifesaver. And many fiber internet plans are “symmetrical,” which means your upload speeds match or nearly meet download speeds.

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