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I really enjoyed playing Dangerous Driving and feeling some of that nostalgia I had for a game like Burnout. This game isn’t a perfect one, but they’re definitely on the right track here and I could see this easily becoming a series.

That’s where the original creators of that series who went on to form Three Fields Entertainment sought out to give us something new, yet familiar. Microsoft’s latest racing entry, Forza Horizon 4, is easily among the top games on Xbox One today – even for those who aren’t fans of the genre. The game offers a sizeable and faithful recreation of the United Kingdom, housing hundreds of coveted cars and challenging races for all. And committed to regular new content, it’s a racing package that can support countless hours of fun.

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Arcade racing game fans will come and ultimately stay for the manic speed, outlandish crashes, and a satisfying assortment of car classes and events. What knocks this racer down a few pegs are the dated visuals and disappointing lack of basic features that every current-gen racer should include on day one. Burnout fans who want to revisit the series pre-Paradise will love everything Dangerous Driving offers.

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It has been really tough to find a good arcade racing game these days. There was a time when these games were a dime a dozen, but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting much of a chance with them these days. EA’s Burnout series was one of my favourites, but they haven’t really been too keen on putting out a new entry and instead decided to release a remaster of Burnout Paradise last year.

It might not look like any racing game you’ve ever played, but Data Wing is a thrilling example of the genre. Imagine a top-down racer with Lunar Lander spaceships in place of cars, and you’ll begin to grasp the basics of this ingenious game. Remember when racing games were about fast red cars, bright blue skies, and long ass roads that just stretched off into the distance? Horizon Chase certainly remembers, and brings back those Outrun memories in style. Three Fields Entertainment’s passion for its past work on the Burnout series can be seen and felt throughout every bit of Dangerous Driving.

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